What all the cool kids are wearing this spring 2017

What all the cool kids are wearing this spring 2017

         This Spring 2017, we’re seeing both men and women embrace ubiquitous streetwear—lots of sneakers, hoodies, and Thrasher gear—but lots are also repping classic Americana with bandanas, crisp khakis, and straw hats. Minimalism also has a place on the street, with more simple black-and-white outfits than we can count.


         Thrasher is bigger and better than ever, its name synonymous with both skateboarding’s roots and constant evolution; its staff dedicated to defining this evolution and the adventurous spirit of their readership. International corporate big-wigs try to buy into our credibility, while kids tattoo the magazine’s mantra, “Skate And Destroy,” into their skin. Like those tattoos carved into the arms of skaters worldwide, Thrasher is forever.


          Pioneer Camp established in 1999. Is a famous brand, which is synonymous with style, simplicity, and comfort. Pioneer Camp has proven itself as one of the most steady and trustworthy brands. Bringing style, quality, and comfort, to all of its fans.



          RIPNDIP, founded by Ryan O'Conner in Orlando FL, was formerly a skate based clothing company that quickly evolved into an massive street style brand that everybody loves. From their creative and quirky design prints, RIPNDIP is here to stay for the long run. 



       An air of mystery surrounds a number of the brands on this list, but few can match the enigmatic nature of Anti Social Social Club. A home for dad caps as much as graphic T-shirts, Stussy affiliate Neek Lurk's brand is probably the closest thing to seeing a cool teen's Tumblr feed to come to life as an apparel line. The brand's website is a bizarrely abstract (yet intriguing) with most products having unrelated titles and nearly no information about what the product is. Some examples include the “What Do You Mean” and the “Never Gonna Give You Up” coaches jackets.




Whether you like his label or not,  Virgil Abloh has undeniably spearheaded streetwear’s ascent into high-end credibility. As if to illustrate the point, OFF-WHITE’s front row saw the usual buyers and editors rubbing shoulders with the likes of Ronnie Fieg, Ian Connor, A$AP Mob members and even Olivier Rousteing. “Streetwear isn’t just T-shirts – it’s a way of thinking, a lifestyle,” Abloh affirmed.  "Defining the grey area between black and white as off-white" 


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