Become a seller on SWD

Interested in selling your products on SWD?

Here's how it works:

1. You will apply as a seller by clicking the link "Join us as seller" below. (There's no guarantee of acceptance)

2. Go through the sign up process

3. List your products and set up payment method

4. Once there's a sale, you will ship out the product and input the tracking number in your dashboard

5. That's it! The payment then goes to your Paypal or bank account. Rinse and repeat.

Terms and conditions

SWD charges a small commission on your orders for the service. (15% per order as of 6/10/19)


1. You can control your pricing!

2. SWD does all of the marketing of your brand and products!

3. SWD provides the customer service!

4. Build a better overall brand presence!

5. SWD covers transaction fees!

6. 0 cost to sign up!

7. Payments made through Paypal or bank account!

Heard enough?

You can apply today by clicking the link below

Join us as seller

If you have any questions contact us below.