Creator Studio

What is Creator Studio ?

Creator Studio is a contest where a lucky artist (s) gets to publish their own design on one of our apparels at our website. 

One of SWD's goals this year is to keep cultivating the streetwear culture. This helps not only the underground artist's who cant afford to get their designs published. It also helps the fans who are dying for a brand new gear to cop. 

The artist also gets a copy of the apparel with their printed design.

When does it start ?

The contest is held monthly. For more info follow us on Insta: @streetweardepot

Where do I send my designs?

Design submissions must be sent to 

Please include your First and Last name on the email as well as your Instagram account


  • Copyrighted and trademarked designs are prohibited
  • Designs must be high quality to ensure proper printing
  • Contest only applies to all 50 states in the US at the moment


Disclaimer: By sending us your design, you agree to release your rights as the owner of the design.