February Shipping Delays

Hello there!

This is just a friendly reminder to anyone that has made an order during February. We are expecting a 2 week shipping delay for the following items:

  • Hats
  • Eyewear
  • Accessories
  • Some hoodies
  • Some T-shirts

The reason for the shipping delay for these items are due to the items being manufactured overseas in China. China is currently celebrating their New Years and this results in shutdowns of all ports, which means no packages are being shipped out.

Everything should be back in order in March when the holiday is over. 

We really apologize for this delay!

Please do keep this reminder in mind when you are wondering why it's taking long for your package to arrive. And if you have any questions do reach out to us via email Contact@streetweardepot.com or on our Instagram: @streetweardepot

Thank you all for understanding and thank you supporting our vision!


- Street Wear Depot team