The new movement of affordable clothing

As the Founder and being a streetwear fanatic myself. I know that buying clothing from our favorite brands can typically break the bank and here's what we have done to make it affordable for everyone.

Even when we won't make a lot of money doing so....

The whole idea started around late 2018 when all of us (SWD team) gathered around, brainstorming ideas on how to provide affordable pricing on our products...

....While being able to keep the business running and staying competitive in the super competitive clothing space.

Our project manger Joseph suggested "What if we build a membership plan kind of like Costco?"

I said "But Costco makes most of their money on Memberships not products...."

A light bulb lit up in my head thanks to Joseph.

Provide our customers with huge discounts in exchange of a little monthly fee?

It's a win: win for everyone!

"How much should we charge for it?" I asked

$19.99 a month
$9.95 a month
$4.95 a month

We did a poll within SWD team members and our customers. And guess what price won?

Drum roll please...... $4.95 a month!

I was against of how cheap the price was at first, but if that's what everyone wants, then so be it.

Yes it would take us a long time (at least 4 months) to even make money on the monthly membership....

....But if that means we could get a customer to stay with us forever, that's awesome because we have won the battle!

Here's what the Gold members get:

- Unlimited 40% OFF on every order
- First access to brand new products
- Priority customer support
- Never break the bank again from buying expensive clothing.

If you're tired of overpriced clothing and want more bang for your buck...

....and want to be part of something that's going to be huge in the future....

....Then check out our Gold Membership below: